Minji Kang

Research Interests


A Deep Learning-Based Encrypted Data Detection Technique for Ransomware Defense [PDF]
Minji Kang*, Jonghoon Won*, Jisung Park, Jihong Kim.
Korea Computer Congress, 2018
*: co-first author
Best Presented Paper Award


Seoul National University (Spring 2015 - Present)
B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering
Total GPA of 4.10 / 4.30 (97 / 100)
Swiss-Korean Summer University (Summer 2018)
at HEIG-Vd, Yverdon, Switzerland
Exchange program in Computer Science and Communication Systems (CSCS)
Gyeonggibuk Science High School (2013 - 2014)
high school for talented students in science and technology

Research Experience

Research Intern at Computer Architecture & Embedded Systems Laboratory, Seoul National University (Summer 2017 - Present)
- Y86-64 Project
- A Deep Learning-Based Encrypted Data Detection Technique for Ransomware Defense
Adviser: Professor Jihong Kim


The National Scholarship for Science and Engineering, Korea Student Aid Foundation (2017 - 2018)
This scholarship supports undergraduates with strong academic performance in science and engineering, with the purpose of developing future leaders in those fields.
Eminence scholarship, Seoul National University (2016)
Merit based. Full tuition.
Hanseong Nobel Scholarship, Hanseong Sonjaehan Scholarships Foundation (2014)
This scholarship supports high school students that will lead science and technology.
KRW 5,000,000 (approx. USD 4,700) per year

Team Projects

Plain Plane (Fall 2017)
Developed web-based anonymous social media service
"Plain about your feelings and thoughts on a plain paper, fold up a paper plane with it, fuel up with plain yogurt, and fly it to the sky."
Y86-64 Project (Summer 2017)
Developed assignments and labs for Computer Architecture class in Bluespec SystemVerilog
High School Arduino (2014)
Wrote book that helps high school students to make science experiment kits with Arduino
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